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We provide cloud computing services as a owned co-location or
completely hosted solution and everything in between.
Our network support professionals provide timely
and quality support to all of our valued customers
Whether you have a local network, hosted network, or hybrid, we have
the knowledge and capabilities to keep it operating effectively.

Website Hosting

LetterNine offers you several options on hosting your Web site. At a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own web server and a dedicated Internet connection, you get the 24-hour monitoring, security, back up power and high bandwidth of our networks connectivity. Your site has a direct connection to our network backbone and all the speed and reliability that it includes.

We maintain and monitor the web server software, operating systems, security and other supporting programs on an ongoing basis. All of our Web servers and network equipment is protected by backup power and generators, while complete backups of all sites are made daily thus increasing the security and reliability of your site.