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We provide cloud computing services as a owned co-location or
completely hosted solution and everything in between.
Our network support professionals provide timely
and quality support to all of our valued customers
Whether you have a local network, hosted network, or hybrid, we have
the knowledge and capabilities to keep it operating effectively.

Network Support

The right network infrastructure strategy requires a dedicated service partner that can provide your company with unmatched customer service and a wealth of knowledge to keep your network running reliably. At LetterNine, we have the experience and capability to design and implement a complete local area or wide area network to meet your needs. We support all requirements for servers, workstations, cabling solutions and communications equipment. In addition, our team of professionals can offer unique insights into upgrading and migrating your existing network by offering a detailed strategic plan designed to meet your future needs and provide the least disruptive options.

You get one point of contact - one point of accountability. Just call, and we'll respond. If there is something wrong with technology in your business, we make it our business. Period.

In addition, LetterNine can provide you a fully customized, complete technology Infrastructure Solution (IS) for a single monthly fee. You get all the computer equipment, applications and support you need, without the headache and hassle of set-up and ongoing maintenance and in-house technical support. Your Infrastructure Solution includes powerful desktops or laptops, peripherals, servers, and software all optimized on a per-user basis.