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LetterNine can design and build a custom web
application that can help automate your business.
Our custom-developed Nine360 Content Management System
gives you complete control of your website.

Nine360 Content Management

Web Design - Our designers and programmers employ cutting-edge technology in the creation of turnkey, interactive, client-manageable Web sites. Specializing in Dynamic Content Management systems, our sites focus specifically on B2B and B2C communications and commerce. We strive to develop Web sites, which provide the end-user with a unique online experience and enhance the online presence of our clients and partners. In addition, our design team can provide you with site re-design plans from minor changes to a complete site overhaul. LetterNine can also customize add-ons for your new or existing sites, which include flash animations, live chat modules, forum boards, e-commerce modules, lead generators, integrated online databases and more.

Dynamic Site Administration - If you have an existing site and you need to make changes without it costing an arm and a leg, LetterNine can help. Our site administration modules are based upon a fully dynamic system that allows you to make changes to any area of the site using a basic word program. In just minutes, you can change content, colors, pictures and promotional offers right from your own computers.

E-Commerce - Letternine offers a wide array of e-commerce packages to take your sales reach to new levels. From simple order forms to large scale multi-level shopping cart systems, our e-Commerce design team will create the right online shopping system to meet your company.s current and future needs.