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We provide cloud computing services as a owned co-location or
completely hosted solution and everything in between.
Our network support professionals provide timely
and quality support to all of our valued customers
Whether you have a local network, hosted network, or hybrid, we have
the knowledge and capabilities to keep it operating effectively.

Server Hosting

Server Co-Location

Bring your own server to the LetterNine shared rack to enjoy the security and reliability of a tier 1 data center without the high cost of leasing your own rack.

Pricing is based on server size and internet bandwidth needed.


Virtual Server Rental

Avoid the up-front expense of server hardware and software by allowing LetterNine to set up a virtual server with whatever specs you require.

We can typically get you set up the same day so you can implement your own "cloud-based" solution at a low monthly cost. In addition to choosing your operating system, you can specify the amount of disk space, RAM, IP addresses, and security features.

Call or email today to discuss you unique needs and let us put together a personalized solution for you.